If you want to keep your voice in tip-top shape, you have to be committed to taking proper care of it. If you’re a vocalist, your voice is your instrument. A pianist will never neglect regularly tuning his piano, and a singer should do the same.

Voice lubrication is absolutely essential for maintaining the quality of your voice. If you’re a singer and you want to ensure the strength of your voice, it’s vital for you to drink a sufficient amount of water each day. The more water you drink, the better your vocal cords function.

While water is a must for keeping your voice in working order, alcohol is a big “no-no.” Alcohol has drying effects on the vocal folds. If you’re serious about singing, the last thing you want is overly dry vocal cords. When your vocal cords are too dry, they lose the ability to vibrate the right way. This leads to severe irritation that affects a singer’s ability to perform his/her best.

Alcohol intake can also bring on boosts in the manufacturing of mucus. This excess mucus minimizes the flexibility of the vocal cords and makes singers feel like they have to clear their throats more often – a serious inconvenience.

Even more so, alcohol intake can actually widen the capillaries and blood vessels. This disrupts the travel of healthy blood flow to both the larynx and the vocal cords. Naturally, such a disruption harms the vocal instrument.

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People who want clear voices do so by caring for their vocal cords. This involves drinking a lot of water, steering clear of alcohol and perhaps even using Clyor Voice37 regularly. Happy singing!