What are Clyor products, and what do they do?

We go into more detail in each of the three products’ pages. But, put simply, Voice37, Seasonal37, and Throat37 enhance your vocal function, address seasonal challenges, and help relieve temporary throat discomfort as you swallow. The collaboration of professional performers and herbalists resulted in these three distinct formulas, which are specifically tailored with the vocalist in mind, whether they regularly sing, speak, or both. The herbal ingredients and manufacturer are carefully selected for the most effective offerings with results backed by people who use their voice regularly and depend on it for their career.

What do the Clyor products come in?

All three Clyor products are packaged in amber dropper/spray bottles and then packaged in boxes for additional protection. This means that both administering and transporting any of the three, or all three, is simple, convenient, and ready when you need it.

How do I administer Clyor products?

For Voice37 and Seasonal37, you squeeze the bottle so that the dropper is mostly filled (about 1 ml), and then pour the dropper amount into your mouth, but be sure to take it with plenty of food and water. For Throat37, spray 6 times into mouth and swallow and make sure to take with plenty of water. Beyond that, each product has slightly different instructions. For example, Voice37 is ideally administered the day before a performance, while Seasonal37 should be administered the moment seasonal stress is first noticed. Find more details in each of the specific product sections on the site, and we highly recommend you read through them before making a purchase.

How are the Clyor products manufactured?

All three products — Voice37, Seasonal37, and Throat37 — are produced in a GMP facility, made in a vegetable glycerin base, free of alcohol and artificial flavors, and are KOF-K Kosher Certified.

What makes Clyor products specifically useful for singers and vocal professionals?

They were developed with singers and vocal professionals specifically in mind. This means both fast-acting and maximum effectiveness. Voice37 helps you sing stronger for longer, hit high notes more easily, and lubricates and moistens vocal cords for the folds to vibrate freely. Seasonal37 minimizes seasonal challenges, stimulates fluid circulation, and naturally boosts your immune system. Throat37supports throat health and soothes your throat to eliminate temporary soreness associated with heavy vocal use. Each have other benefits, and they share some common benefits too, benefits that will benefit any vocalist.

What kind of ingredients can be found in the Clyor products?

The Clyor team found herbs from around the world that have been used long before you could order something online to treat the symptoms associated with vocal challenges. From Slippery Elm Bark, Horseradish Root, and Celery Seed, to Red Root, Myrrh Gum, and Mullein, we describe each ingredient and its benefits in the more detailed product specific sections of the site, and you will be amazed how these uncommon ingredients can address such common challenges.

Are the herbs organic?

All our herbs are certified organic, aside from Slippery Elm, which is wild-crafted.

Are the Clyor products gluten-free?

The Clyor products are gluten-free. However, they are manufactured in a facility that produces products containing gluten. 

When is it appropriate to contact a doctor?

If symptoms persist for three to four days, contacting a laryngologist might be a good idea. We would never recommend not speaking with a doctor before or after using any of our products, and this is especially true if you are nursing or pregnant.

Where have these been all my life?

We asked ourselves the same question: Why are there no highly effective, fast-acting, herbal, Kosher Certified, easy to use and transport, highly transparent formulas with the vocalist specifically in mind? Your passion does not have to go another moment without Voice37, Seasonal37, and Throat37.

The number 37 on Clyor bottles, explained.

Ever wonder why it’s called Seasonal/Throat/Voice37? Then you’re not alone. In fact, 100% of singers surveyed were mildly to severely curious.

The magic of 37

Our signature formula, VOICE37, was developed over several years through trial and error. By commissioning the expertise of master herbalists and vocal professionals such as yourself, the best ingredients were sourced, and the perfect balance was created.

In the end, our founder Isaac Honig was able to create an all-natural voice enhancer that truly works. But it took 36 less-than-perfect formulas to lead up to magic number 37. Thus, the number, and thusly, quelling your deeply held curiosity. Now you know!

Your Voice, Your Remedy