Do you use your voice for a living?

  • Does hoarseness waste your time and money?
  • Is your career in jeopardy when the common cold hits?
  • Does your voice rebel on stage or in studio?
  • Do vocal challenges slow your path to fame?
  • Does a sore throat scare you to death?
  • Does anxiety hit you before a major gig?

We’ve been there, done that.


We’ve helped thousands of singers reclaim their voices and confidence with these natural remedies.

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Voice 37
For voice hoarseness
For prevention and relief of vocal challenges, this lubricating, moisturizing, and soothing formulation frees your voice. This is a gift your gift deserves.

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Seasonal 37
For seasonal stress

When you can’t afford seasonal stress and any of its symptoms. Face the cold weather fearlessly, stimulate and strengthen your immune system, and support throat health.

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Throat 37
For a sore throat
Relief within a day so your voice is back the next. Stimulate fluid circulation, coat minor and temporary irritation caused by over-exercising, and soothe your throat as you swallow.

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Artists we love. Artists who love Clyor.

“Let me level with you – being a professional singer doesn’t always mean my voice is feeling at its best. When I suffer from dryness or irritation, I turn to Clyor Voice 37. I have tried almost everything on the market when it comes to moistening the throat – this product really works. Being an “all natural” girl, I have high standards for what I put in my body, and Voice 37 makes the cut. Voice 37 is a must have in my vocal kit.”

Jillian Raye

Lead Singer, Giants In The Trees

“Voice37 is a natural vocal supplement that helps you sing stronger for longer while maintaining a quality of voice. It’s definitely one of the few remedies that’s worked for us. Colin and Tuna both recommend it for anyone who’s constantly putting their voice through the wringer.”

Twin Peaks

Chicago Rock Band

“So I’ve been singing for over 15 years at various professional levels. And for whatever reason, my voice has a tendency to give out on me when I have a big show coming up. It’s stress, over-singing, illness, who knows. And about two years ago I was searching for things to save me a week before a very important 3-night run where I had a 17-song set each night. I found Voice37 on Amazon. And within a few days I was able to sing at full strength. Continue Reading…

Tony Bush

Lady Lightning

See what YOU can do!

Squirt 1 dropper
Drink a glass of water
Wait 2 hours

Because hoarseness shouldn’t beat talent.

For singers who suffer from curiosity

WHY 37?

Read about the magic number

More artists who love Clyor.

“The Clyor throat health products quickly found their way into my broad arsenal of tools to assist the vocalists and narrators that I hire. I’d recommend them without hesitation to anyone looking to expand their arsenal of vocal performance preparation products.”

Stephen Kurpis

Owner & Operator, Vitruvian Sound NYC

“I use VOICE37 whenever I know I’ll be working my vocal cords! I can definitely feel a difference in my stamina and the quality of my sound 🙂 ”

Natasha Remi

International Singer-Songwriter

Wild Reeds Loves Clyor
“We do a lot of sangin’, so CLYOR hooked it up with their herbal vocal remedy Voice37 to keep our voices from getting fatigued. This will be a game changer on the road.”

Wild Reeds

American indie folk band

Your Voice, Your Remedy