I guess you can say I am an O.G. singer, a veteran so to speak. I have been singing professionally for over 30 years, and yet, I still learn something new every day. Therefore, before moving on to the tips, it’s important that you’re open minded, and take in what your fellow peers have to say. I think this is the most important tip you can give an up and coming singer—or any singer for that matter.

I have two tips for new singers that I think are essential in becoming all that you can be as a vocalist. First: Be authentic! I see singers all the time trying to duplicate their favorite singers. You see it on Youtube and every TV talent competition. Being inspired by your favorite artist is awesome. Even learning from them is a great approach, but, when it comes to you performing, make sure that you are your true self and that you stay authentic. Far too many times you see young vocalists copying the vocal runs performed by famous singers. Understand that the run a singer makes is not something you practice or learn. It is an emotion and/or expression that comes from feeling the lyric or melody of a song; you shouldn’t try to duplicate it. Always remember that it comes across very lack luster when you copy another performer’s runs.

Second: Always BREATHE! The reason so many vocalists aren’t reaching their full potential is that they’re not breathing correctly when they sing. There are many resources available for breathing techniques, and it’s important that you take that time to study and learn so that you can reach your full potential. When you sing, you should relax, and sing from a calm place, not an over excited one. You can perform and sing with a better range and stamina if you relax. Practicing the song will help you determine the places where you’re struggling most when it comes to your breath. Sing the song and when you reach a stumbling block, relax and take a breath before hitting the note–even if you miss a lyric or two. Keep in mind most of the vocal parts you’re trying to reach were sung in the studio with multiple takes and punches. I hope these tips help and keep singing!


Ace is originally from Georgia, and at age 10 started a band with his three older brothers called the Suggs Brothers Band. At age 15 Ace moved to South Florida where he continued performing. Two years after moving to Florida he left the band and began his solo career. After a few years, Ace had hits with “X-Ray Eyes,” “I Get Lonely Too,” and “Physical.” Since then, he has been performing, producing, and writing for numerous music projects. The many years of experience in the music industry has contributed to the singer, songwriter and producer that he is today. Ace has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. Ernest Tubb, Trinere, T.K.A., Merle Haggard, Jim Ed Brown, Helen Cornelius, Selena, Crystal Gayle, John Anderson, Leon Everett, Gloria Estefan, Jon Secada, Stevie B. Edwin McCain, Jim Owen, Sylvia, etc. He has produced over 25 albums for various artists and has performed nationally for over 30 years.