When you rely on your voice as your livelihood or passion, life can get stressful. Vocalist Isaac Honig knows that. As any singer can testify, a hoarse voice, sore throat, or runny nose can send you into a panicked frenzy.

After trying all singing products available on the market and not being perfectly satisfied with the results, he set out to create his own fix. Many years of research, feedback, and trial-and-error went into the final products – all safe, natural, effective, and specifically designed for people like you. If you use your voice, use Clyor remedies.

When your voice is your value, you need an effective fix, fast. Clyor remedies fill this need successfully.

Who Benefits from Clyor

Performers and Entertainers

You perform show after show, night after night, on stage, on screen, or in the studio. You go to auditions, rehearsals, and practice privately. All that hard work, and people only see that one moment, the moment Clyor was developed for.

Lecturers and Speakers

Whether in front of hundreds of people in an auditorium, or among a handful of students in a classroom, if your words can make a difference, their delivery will make a difference too.

Business Professionals

When you rely on the sound of your voice and its clarity, you can rely on Clyor. Public relations workers, customer service reps, and salespeople are on and off the phone, and in and out of meetings. Come off the way you intend to.

Anyone Who Needs It

Clyor is not limited to a specific group of people; it’s for everyone who uses his or her vocal cords regularly. Lawyers, judges, psychologists, counselors, members of a clergy, the list truly goes on and on, but voice issues don’t have to. Not anymore.

Our Mission

We’ve always been vocal about the need for natural, effective voice support tonics. As frequent performers ourselves, we know you need your voice in perfect polish to inspire. We thus make Clyor our gift to you, a harmony of premium herbal notes composed with integrity and with the promise to only contain ingredients that chime with your ideal choice of voice – pure and smooth.