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  • Voice37


    If what’s best for your voice is best for you, this is the bottle you’ll want to have handy. However you want to put it, whether it’s croakiness, gruffness, huskiness, or throatiness, Clyor Voice37 addresses the nesses and gets you from grate to great quickly, effectively, and naturally. As performers ourselves, we understand the need for a safe and easy-to-use vocal performance enhancer, and we are proud to say that we use Clyor Voice37 ourselves. The results are incredible.

  • Throat37


    It doesn’t occur to those who aren’t singers or speakers that a healthy throat isn’t just to support the sound of your voice, it’s also crucial to a performer’s general comfort level. Clyor helps with both, the best combination for those who need to sound good and feel good. Restore the ring in your voice and feel great doing it with Clyor Throat37, a safe, effective and fast acting remedy. As performers ourselves, we developed a formula backed by research, developed by herbalists, and tested out by vocal professionals. We use, recommend, and stand behind Clyor Throat37, because it doesn’t just work wonderfully, it’s safe too.

  • Seasonal37


    The stresses of a new season and accompanying weather is a nuisance to anyone, but when you rely on your voice, cold weather goes far beyond an inconvenience. The challenges need to clear up and the stresses need to be addressed fast. As performers ourselves, we know this all too well, and it was our motivation for creating a remedy backed by extensive research and tested by fellow industry members. Clyor Seasonal37 is safe, effective, fast acting, and a product we stand behind, because we use it too.

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