Stage Calmer

For pre-performance stress




When your voice is the reason you get up in the morning, you’ll rest easier knowing you have Stage Calmer by your side. This blend of essential oils helps you breathe deeper and more effectively, relieving tension so you sing, perform, and feel at your best. Ready to be ready at a moment’s notice? Stage Calmer makes every hour your finest hour.

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Stage Calmer was formulated by aromatherapists and tested by fellow performers to craft a soothing blend that delivers incredible results. The essential oils include:

Sweet Orange Peel
Has sweet, fresh, fruity top notes and radiant undertones. It is a joyful, soothing, and refreshing oil to lift the spirit and reduce stress.
Ho Leaf
Has a sweet, woody, floral aroma. It helps to balance emotions and soothes the mind.
Frankincense Resin

Has a fresh, woody, spicy, scent with citrus notes. It works as an expectorant to relieve congestion and encourages easy and deep breathing.

Clove Bud
Has a warm, spicy, aroma with a slightly fruity top note. Enjoy the energizing and stimulating effect!


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