If what’s best for your voice is best for you, this is the bottle you’ll want to have handy. However you want to put it, whether it’s croakiness, gruffness, huskiness, or throatiness, Clyor Voice37 addresses the nesses and gets you from grate to great quickly, effectively, and naturally. As performers ourselves, we understand the need for a safe and easy-to-use vocal performance enhancer, and we are proud to say that we use Clyor Voice37 ourselves. The results are incredible.
  • Ideal for singers, speakers, teachers, and salespeople
  • Reduces and prevents vocal challenges
  • Enhances and maintains the quality of the voice
  • Lubricates and moistens the vocal cords, so the folds vibrate freely
  • Opens up the nasal passage, so the voice rings better
  • Helps you sing strong for a longer period of time
  • Helps you hit high notes more easily

The focus is on the challenges that specifically affect your voice. What’s more, it’s designed for use whenever your voice could use a boost.

  • Made in a vegetable glycerin base
  • Free of alcohol and artificial flavors
  • Produced in a GMP facility
  • KOF-K Kosher Certified
Take once or twice a day when needed. Fill approximately ¾ of the dropper (about 1 ml), and mix into a small amount of water (1-2 oz) or put directly into mouth, followed by 1-2 oz of water. This product works particularly well when taken with a starch-based food. For maximum effectiveness, take Clyor Voice37 at least 2 to 3 hours before singing or speaking, or the day before a performance. It is recommended to drink enough fluids (10-12 glasses of water) throughout the day.
Seek the advice of a healthcare practitioner regarding the use of this product, especially if you are nursing or pregnant.
Clyor Voice37 has been formulated by herbalists and tested by fellow performers to craft a remedy with maximum effectiveness from ingredients known for their restorative properties. These include:
Slippery Elm Bark
Contains soothing and healing properties
Fennel Seed
Helps support clear breathing function and mucous clearance
Horseradish Root
Works to keep nasal and sinus passages clear
Supports healthy clear throat function
Celery Seed
Relieves temporary muscle spasms and temporary inflammation associated with heavy vocal use
Horehound Herb
A powerful expectorant that supports healthy lung and bronchial function

Carol Hollinshead

I purchased Voice37 in hopes of having a clearer singing voice. All my church ministries require me to sing. It WORKS! What more can I say. No more trying to clear my throat, etc. for speaking or singing. I wholeheartedly recommend this product. This is a new experience for me and it worked the first time and every time since I started using it. Hooray!!!!

Terri Ramsey Beavers

I can't believe how quickly and effectively this worked. I wanted to try this because after getting over the flu I caught pneumonia and just when I was finally on the mend, I caught a cold. This product was a life saver and I didn't even have to go to the doctor with the cold. It was over almost as quickly as it pounced on me.

Joshua Michael Weidmann

I had lost my voice for nearly five days. Speaking is my profession so I needed my voice! I tried a multitude of things but nothing worked as well as this product. Within hours of using Voice37, my voice started to come back. Now I use this before every speaking engagement I have. I love this stuff! This is essential for preachers and speakers!


I have been singing professionally for the past twelve years and I do around four gigs every week. Two weeks ago, I had a full week of gigs ahead of me and my voice was really not in place. A colleague of mine told me to give Clyor Voice37 a try. All I can say is WOW, WOW, and again WOW! I took it that morning, after the gig, every night, and again every morning and my voice was acting like nothing happened!  Since then I have been using it on a daily basis and my voice feels somewhat very relaxed and less tense than ever before. It's products like this that literally change the world! Whoever made this product, may God bless you!!!


Clyor Voice37 is the best product available to control the steadiness and the clearness of one's voice!!! As a business owner in Canada, I talk to many clients and attend many meetings as well where my voice is needed non-stop. Voice37 keeps my throat clear and soothes the hoarseness in my throat when I have a cold or when I have been using my voice constantly. This product is very, very effective!!!! I call it my miracle worker and I thank God every day that this product was made available to me. After using it for the past month I can say without any doubt that this product has helped me maintain a clear voice and I am able to deliver speeches and talk on the phone without having to worry if something will go wrong with my throat!!!! I highly recommend this product to singers and to people who use their voice all the time!!! You will not regret your purchase!!!! Congratulations on such an amazing product!!!!

V. Brunner

I have had two surgeries on my vocal cords in the past twenty years, have had polyps removed, and then eighteen months ago a laser treatment. My voice was amazing until a virus hit me four months later and left me with hardly any range, no power and bereft of my best notes. For over a year I have mourned the loss of my voice… I visited my voice doctor several times and had a few tests (one where they put a needle in my throat using some kind of electric pulse to check my nerves-yuck!) done. The conclusion-they couldn't help me. I used to use singer's saving grace spray and it would work somewhat to loosen my voice, but not much so I didn't want to go that route. I was actually pretty desperate because I am a worship leader and have my own band and we were trying to get a CD together and my voice issues put the whole thing on hold. I had to let my other singers take most lead parts and just covered up my inabilities; just rearranging who did what. It was really tough not being able to do what I used to do. I was crying and asking God to help me, and got on my computer and Clyor Voice37 came up on one of my searches. So I purchased this stuff, and took it twice the day before our next worship ministry night and twice the day of. I could not believe the freedom I had singing! I was able to sing notes clearly and with power I had not been able to for over a year! We sang for over three hours that night and I was able to maintain it the entire time! Words cannot express my gratitude for this product and the makers of it! I would HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone needing clarity and freedom in their singing. I have been using it for two months now and each time I have used it has worked just like the first time! I am truly amazed and thankful. This most definitely has been an answer for me when my doctors couldn't offer me one. I would give this 10 stars if I could!

Blown-Away Customer

I am truly blown away by this product. I am a professional speaker, and last week I had 5 speech engagements scheduled, but my voice sounded like nails on cardboard. I was about ready to cancel my speeches, when I came across this vocal booster. One day later it was delivered to my door and I swallowed the first full dropper of these sprouts. Within two hours my voice was ringing again and it carried me right through the week. Simply amazing stuff. I will be featuring this product on my blog, as it is the first and only product that really works, in my humble opinion....

Mark Groman

To be honest I didn’t believe in all the miraculous talk that a lot of my colleagues in the singing industry were saying about this miracle-inducing product. I have very purist views when it comes to singing methods and never really trusted any of the different kinds of voice healers there were out there. But when my voice got strained for the third time in the last month, I was desperate enough to try anything. This Voice37 was great at healing my hoarse voice. I am officially a big fan of this product now!


All I can say is that it works for me! After a serious bronchial infection last spring, I lost my singing voice, and after about six months it only somewhat recovered. I had lost my upper range, and my voice was weak and raspy. After using Voice37 for one month, I have fully recovered the voice I thought I would never get back. I continue to use it to lubricate my vocal chords every time I sing.

Mohsan Rasool

ATTENTION SINGERS AND SPEAKERS! YOU NEED THIS! Anyone who devotes time to singing or speaking needs to get this!!! It truly works. Since discovering this product, my vocal chords have never been the same. I always struggled with phlegm in my throat but thanks to Clyor Voice37 my mask is clear and my tone is much more vibrant. I also use Seasonal37 which has helped me stay "cold free" during this winter New York season. Now that I know about this product, I can't imagine not having it. A special thanks to the creator of an excellent product. It truly is AMAZING!  

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