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Always ready to sing

Don't let a hoarse or lost voice stress you. Get armed with Voice37, the natural vocal booster that's rescused thousands of singers.


41, 357 bottles sold


Every singer's voice will sometimes rebel.

My voice  

Sounds familiar?

Even if you eat healthy, keep hydrated , and warm up consistently -

When you sing every night, your voice takes a beating.

You’d suffer through anything to get it back.


  • Lysol-tasting sprays make you gag instead of gig

  • Menthol cough drops irritate your delicate cords

  • Products with parabens are toxic for your health

  • Tea soothes your throat, yet doesn’t revive your vocals

  • Alcohol content leaves your pipes dry and raspy

  • Numbing sprays cause more harm than healing

...and restoring your voice feels like a losing battle.

Like many despairing singers, you say:

“I’ve tried everything.”

No, you haven’t

Voice37 is a natural remedy used by singers you admire.

“Let me level with you - being a professional singer doesn’t always mean my voice is feeling at its best. When I suffer from dryness or irritation, I turn to Clyor Voice37. I have tried almost everything on the market when it comes to moistening the throat - this product really works. Being an "all-natural" girl, I have high standards for what I put in my body, and Voice 37 makes the cut. Voice37 is a must-have in my vocal kit.

-Jilian Raye
Lead Singer, Giants in the Trees

Increases  vocal range – so you hit high notes more easily.

Opens  the nasal passage – so you feel the ring in your voice.

Boosts  vocal strength – so you can sing for longer stretches.

Lubricates  vocal cords – so your folds vibrate freely.

Removes  excess phlegm – so you sing without getting sticky.

Prevents  vocal issues – so you’re always ready to gig, virtual or live.

Take 2 hours before performing and voila!
sing with ease, strength, and confidence.

“Voice37 has saved me numerous times. I recommend it for any level singer for any reason.”

-Tony Bush
Lady Lightning

“With Voice37, I definitely feel a difference in my stamina and quality of my sound.”

-Natasha Remi
International Singer-Songwriter

“Voice37 causes me to sing with clear, pristine precision when it is time for me to lead out during the 90-minute set.”

-Brandon Winbush
Session Singer for TV/Film/Records


What’s better about Voice37?

“One of the top picks for remedies for singers is Clyor’s Voice37 vocal booster. Try this over other basic drugstore throat sprays, because it uses natural ingredients (herbs) to be effective. Some drugstore sprays have alcohol in them, which can dry your throat out. This particular product also uses slippery elm, as well as horseradish, two things known to soothe and clarify!”


What’s in a bottle?

  • All-organic herbs
  • No alcohol
  • No artificial flavors
  • No preservatives
  • No parabens

Slippery Elm Bark

Contains soothing and healing properties.

Horseradish Root

Works to keep nasal and sinus passages clear.

Celery Seed

Relieves temporary muscle spasms and temporary inflammation associated with heavy vocal use.


Supports healthy clear throat function.

Fennel Seed

Helps support clear breathing function and mucous clearance.

Horehound Herb

A powerful expectorant that supports healthy lung and bronchial function.


“I use Voice37 every time I gig,”

successful singers say.


See how the magic happens

So, who created this secret weapon?

A singer, of course.


Isaac Honig

“When your voice pays your bills, life gets stressful. I know that. As a singer for 30+ years, I can testify that hoarseness, sticky phlegm, or vocal fatigue can make you panic. Thoughts like “I’m afraid I damaged my voice,” and “Will I ever get it back?” and “How will I get through the gig?” are common.

But you don’t have to go through the cycle of hoarseness, stress, and hit-or-miss remedies again and again like I did.

Because while there are many solutions touted for hoarseness, none are created by a singer who knows the unique needs of our delicate instrument. In fact, many of those remedies can actually be harmful for the singing voice.

Tired of products that backfired, I set out to create my own solutions: all-natural, strictly safe, long-lasting, great taste. Guess how many tries it took? You got it! 37! Voice37 is the first (and shhh...still my favorite) of the Clyor vocal supplements for singers.

When your voice is your value, you need an effective fix, FAST. Now, when every gig is a gift, you can’t let vocal trouble kill the (virtual) concert. If you use your voice professionally, use Voice37 to sound like the professional you are.”

And the professionals agree:

"We do a lot of sangin', so CLYOR hooked it up with their herbal vocal remedy Voice37 to keep our voices from getting fatigued. This will be a game changer on the road."

The Wild Reeds
A Folk Band

“The Clyor health products quickly found their way into my broad arsenal of tools to assist the vocalists and narrators that I hire. I'd recommend them without hesitation to anyone looking to expand their arsenal of vocal performance preparation products."

Stephen Kurpis
Vitruvian Sound NYC

"Voice37 is a natural vocal supplement that helps you sing stronger for longer while maintaining a quality of voice. It's one of the few remedies that's worked for us. Colin and Tuna both recommend it for anyone who's constantly putting their voice through the wringer."

Twin Peaks
Chicago Rock Band


41, 357 customers

have a lot to say

“My voice was so clear and I could reach two pitches higher than I normally would. Pure gold!”

“People are saying my voice sounds pure-er.”

“Voice37 gets me out of a jam when my voice feels rugged and I have to sing.”

“I am able to sing for longer periods of time without losing my voice.”

“My voice is on point, tones are hitting high notes, and it improves the sound of my voice.”

“The real deal. Gives me staying power and quick recovery on the vocally busy days.”

“I thought I was going to have to quit. This saved me.”

I give a better performance both in how I'm sounding and presenting myself.

“Within two hours my voice was ringing again.”

I keep a bottle in the studio. A lifesaver!”

“Voice37 took my voice from having a cracked, nasal sound to sounding just as great as Kelly Rowland!”

“Am able to hit the high notes again!”

“Nothing else I tried has been this effective.”

“Helped me maintain vocal quality. I did not have strain or soreness like in other shows.”

“The only of its kind. I live by this stuff!”

Add Voice37 to your vocal kit

so you’re always ready to sing.


VOICE37 2 FL OZ (59 ML)


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Want to know more?

Common Questions

How do I use Voice37?

  1. Fill approximately ¾ of the dropper (about 1 ml).
  2. Mix into a small amount of water (1-2 oz) or put directly into mouth, followed by 1-2 oz of water.
  • Works particularly well when taken with a starch-based food.
  • For maximum effectiveness, take at least 2 to 3 hours before singing, or the day before a performance.
  • It is recommended to drink enough fluids (10-12 glasses of water) throughout the day

Note: Seek the advice of a healthcare practitioner regarding the use of this product, especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

How often can I use Voice37?

Take once or twice a day when needed.

Should I use Voice37 if I have a sore throat?

Voice37 can help you feel better since it loosens mucus. However, if you want a healing spray, you should use Throat37, which can relieve your sore throat within 12 hours.

Can I use Voice37 even if I’m not a singer?

Absolutely! Voice37 works for anyone whose vocal cords are tired. If it works for singers whose vocal cords are so delicate, it’ll definitely work for you too – whether you’re a speaker, teacher, or you simply feel strain in your voice.

How does the money-back guarantee work?

If you’re not singing our praises within 30 days, get in touch via phone or email. We promise all your money back, no questions asked, no return needed.

I have another question. How can I contact you?

Call 877-442-5967 or send an email to [email protected] and you’ll get a response within 24 hours.

Not sure if it’s for you? So was Tony.

Now he says “It’s saved me numerous times.”

“So I’ve been singing for over 15 years at various professional levels. And for whatever reason, my voice has a tendency to give out on me when I have a big show coming up. It’s stress, over-singing, illness, who knows. And I was searching for things to save me a week before a very important 3-night run where I had a 17-song set each night. I found Voice37 on Amazon. And within a few days I was able to sing at full strength.

I’m always a little skeptical of products that make grand claims for something as tricky as vocal cords. This one delivered. But could it do it twice?

Well again this year, the Monday before our album release show that weekend in NYC, my voice was gone again! I couldn’t even talk. And by Friday night I was almost back to 100%. So I know it’s not a fluke.

I recommend Voice37 even as a preventative tool. I recommend it if you're a little hoarse. I recommend it for any level singer for any reason. The ingredients are quality. The effectiveness is spot on. It’s saved me numerous times. Much love to this outstanding product.


-Tony Bush
Lady Lightning

Add Voice37 to your vocal kit

so you’re always ready to sing.


VOICE37 2 FL OZ (59 ML)


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