Whenever you’re experiencing vocal trouble, whether it be a certain line in a song or just general vocal fatigue, the answer is almost always to RELAX. Relax your jaw. Relax your shoulders. Relax your mind. If you’re singing some huge ascending lyric, don’t create tension on the way up to that high note. Relax into it. Challenge yourself to maintain the same volume throughout the entire line. If you are frustrated and panicked because your voice just hasn’t been cooperating the last few days, relax. Take a day or two to step away from a song or from singing all together. Allow your instrument and your spirit to rest. Remember, if you are stumped for the answer to your vocal question, the answer is probably to relax.


Sunnie spent several years as a lead vocalist for Northern California’s most active and prestigious entertainment band, Hip Service. She has educated vocalists from all over the country through private vocal lessons and currently teaches online and in the Nashville area. Sunnie is a seasoned session vocalist and recording engineer and has provided toplines for producers and composers worldwide. In 2017 Sunnie apprenticed under 2X Grammy winning LA-based production team, The Stereotypes (Bruno Mars, Miguel, Fifth Harmony). She is currently working in Nashville as a writer and session vocalist and sharing her knowledge with other musicians through private lessons.

Website: sunniewilliamsmusic.com

Instagram: @sunniewilliams