After performing 2,000+ times in 8 years, here’s what he learned!







Tip #1

Be comfortable with your own voice. We all our so unique with under and over tones that give our voice its own quality; utilize it. Do not force yourself to sound like someone else, or sing outside of your range. That is when you are more likely to cause injury. Just use the voice you have been given and trained.

Tip #2

Know when to take a break. I have performed over 2000 times in roughly 8 years. I try to give my best performance each time, sometimes that means pushing it over my physical limits. You are not doing yourself or your audience any good deed by continuing to perform under strain, or with vocal fatigue. You will have a longer career as a vocalist if you remember this.

Tip #3

Singing is not your only voice. We are not just singers, we are influencers, we hold the mic, and while the music speaks for itself, we are also the voice in between those songs. Work on your banter, have a plan, keep a couple jokes in your pocket, tell them why you wrote this song, or why it speaks to you so much. Hone your skills as a public speaker, as a comedian, as an activist, be an entertainer.


Nate Jones is a Singer-Songwriter from the Detroit Metropolitan Area. Born and raised in the Midwest; seasonal change, urban and rural living, lost loved ones and new love of many sorts have inspired Jones’ “Genuine craft music, Made in Michigan” sound. These personal experiences have been reformed into social allegory and poetic storytelling. Nate Jones Music will challenge you to think critically about who you are and where you want to be.