Tip #1: Build your vocal strength by training– HARD!

A stunning range, striking tone, a fabulous belt voice — all that vocal gold doesn’t happen by accident. It’s hard-won by singers who train, and train often. The most reliable way to develop an incredible voice is to start a daily practice regimen (like, today!). Be sure to pick a series of vocal technique exercises that open and strengthen your voice and expand your range, like my Singer’s Gift Warmups. You won’t believe the difference in your vocal instrument when you start putting in the hours! There’s no substitute for doing the hard work behind the scenes.

Tip #2: Kick tension to the curb.

If you’re losing your high notes or experiencing vocal fatigue, you have tension in your vocal muscles — guaranteed. The best ways to kick tension to the curb? Go for a regular massage with a practitioner who has experience working with vocalists. Massage for singers is a necessity, NOT a luxury! If you absolutely can’t afford it right now, check out the self-massage techniques for singers included in my Vocal Resource Library. In addition to massage, add in yoga to your routine to maintain the relaxation. Remember, tension in the muscles will severely constrict the vocal instrument and impair your ability to sing, leading to devastating vocal problems. Don’t take that risk!

Tip #3: Use your BODY when you sing!

If you want more BODY in your sound, you have to use more BODY when you sing!

Here’s a super quick tip you can try right away to get rid of harshness and get more power in those beautiful high notes. Start by lifting up your chest and taking a deep breath into that chest space. (Yes, I know that’s the opposite of what us voice teachers usually say, but hear me out!)

Press your fingers into your sternum and push against that pressure. Keep your chest lifted and exhale — without dropping your chest one SMIDGEN OF AN INCH! This simple action is the key to your power! If you can keep your chest elevated without dropping it while you’re singing, you’ll have a fuller, richer sound in your high notes, and you’ll be able to hold them longer. #yesplease

Tip #4: Drop the tongue, lift the palate.

Bring an imaginary cup of water to your mouth and pretend to take a drink. You should notice two things happening: First, your tongue should drop in the back of your mouth. Second, your upper throat (called the soft palate) lifts up. Memorize that feeling!! It’s totally natural and automatic when you’re about to take a drink, right?

If you can learn to create that same open space when you’re singing higher, you’ll find that you have WAY more room for the sound. (I go into this in more detail and offer a whole range of exercises to help you find the proper space and alignment – automatically — in my Singers Gift Warmups.) Say goodbye to thin, pinched, or harsh notes for good!


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