Clyor Voice37 is the best product available to control the steadiness and the clearness of one’s voice!!! As a business owner in Canada, I talk to many clients and attend many meetings as well where my voice is needed non-stop. Voice37 keeps my throat clear and soothes the hoarseness in my throat when I have a cold or when I have been using my voice constantly. This product is very, very effective!!!! I call it my miracle worker and I thank God every day that this product was made available to me. After using it for the past month I can say without any doubt that this product has helped me maintain a clear voice and I am able to deliver speeches and talk on the phone without having to worry if something will go wrong with my throat!!!! I highly recommend this product to singers and to people who use their voice all the time!!! You will not regret your purchase!!!! Congratulations on such an amazing product!!!!